Neon + Brunch

This past weekend, the Bitches who Brunch hosted their electric-themed summer brunch at Policy and neon attire was required. For someone who’s Twitter handle description reads “I love neon,” I surprisingly own very few pieces of fluorescent-colored clothing. Good thing or bad? I’m not quite sure. I rummaged around in my closet and eventually found something decent to throw on… yeah right, I totally went out and indulged in a brand new outfit for the event. Duh.

Brunch started off with a buffet table lined with all things delicious. It’s a good thing Avy was around to provide me with these images, because apparently I can’t spare 30 seconds to take a picture of my meal before digging in… probably a good thing because the amount of food on my plate might’ve put you off from continuing to read this post:

Neon Brunch

At least she had the decency to throw some fruit on her plate, whereas I just had 15 biscuits and 209803 pieces of bacon stacked sky high. Just kidding… but not really. I washed all of that down with the standard brunch libations: unlimited mimosas and Blood Marys. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Bloody Marys should be reserved for slathering on kabobs or basting chicken cutlets with. Call me crazy, but I find no enjoyment from drinking what otherwise could be described as a condiment. That being said, the Bloodys at Policy were ahh-mahh-zing! It was straight up vodka and Tabasco sauce (because that sounds more appetizing than chugging a marinade?). The heat and spice coming from that hot sauce was literally burning my lips off. And I kind of liked it… So if you’re into that sort of thing, this is the drink for you.

After eating my body weight in bacon and losing all feeling in my lips, we moseyed on upstairs where we scored these sweet shades in varying neon hues as giveaways:


Who are E&J? No clue. Apparently they got married on May 11, 2013. No judgment, I’m all about regifting and recycling.

Boozy gelato was then served (Blue Moon, Limoncello and Bellini flavors!). We ate boozy gelato. We ate a lot of boozy gelato. And then this happened:

© Sarah&Samantha © Sarah & Samantha, 2013 © Sarah & Samantha, 2013 © Sarah & Samantha, 2013

Because drunk people+props+unlimited access to a photo booth is always a good idea.

And, yes. In the first two shots he is wearing that blue tutu as a bra. Might as well.


2 thoughts on “Neon + Brunch

  1. I seriously can’t get over how much fun this was. The photo booth shots only show half of amazing time it was. Brunch needs to happen again soon, we are going to find more bloody’s for you to love!

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