Summer BBQ on Steroids

My family’s BBQ is better than yours. Fact.

My little brother’s graduation party was this past weekend, which meant that my mother was prepping enough food to feed the U.S. army. Plus the Air Force, and the Navy, and Marines….and… well, you get it. If there’s one thing the Nguyens do well, it’s throwing a party and feeding a massive amount of people. Hungry high school graduates, 30+ family members and small children with big appetites and high expectations?  No problem. (Direct quote from cousins aged 7 and 9: “We’re going to Aunt Hien’s house? That means we’re gonna eat real good food!”) My mom seriously took a day off of work to stay home and cook That’s called dedication.

Of course I was enlisted to help out.


Meat-on-a-Stick. Family name for what is otherwise known as a pork skewer.

To anyone who ate one of these bad boys… you.are.welcone. If there is anything I hate more than consuming a tomato-paste-based Bloody Mary, its handling raw meat. Totally grosses me out. So, of course the job I was tasked with involved stringing strips of raw pork onto a skewer. Ughh I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it. A nightmare to prep, but I must say, the finished product is well worth it.


Eggrolls, aka Fried Goodness. I’m usually in charge of peeling the wrappers. That’s as high up the eggroll ladder as I will ever get. Mama Nguyen doesn’t mess around with her eggrolls and there’s no way she will ever let anyone else assemble them. These puppies (and two more trays) are all rolled up and ready to be thrown into the deep fryer. PS, we have three of them. Because it’s completely normal for a family of four to own three deep fryers.

The end result of 24+ hours of cooking:

photo-11 photo-10

Food in excess.

I apologize for the horrible image quality. I think we’ve established that I’m no photographer. I’m an eater. I consume. And then I repeat eating and consuming. Interesting side note: I was considered the “photographer” in my group of friends in college. Not sure what that says about me. Or about my friends who allowed me to capture unflattering images and post them on the internet…

A good time was had by all and no one left hungry.


P.S. I made that cake… I didn’t, just wanted to see who was still paying attention.


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