Road Trip

2013 is shaping up to be a big year for me. I’ll be turning 25, celebrating 1 year at my first big girl job….and … sniff…. my baby brother is going off to college. I’m still deciding which of those three things makes me feel most like an adult. And with that, I’m still deciding if being an adult is a good thing or bad. Mostly good, I think.

In an effort to cram in as much sibling bonding time before his impending departure, my older sister and I volunteered to drop him off for freshman orientation. Little bro will soon be a Hokie, meaning I am severely outnumbered come football season since half of my family attended Virginia Tech. Perfect. Just in time for the expanding ACC football schedule ND will be playing. It’s okay, I’m quite the smack talker. Bring.It.On.

The trip from Northern Virginia to VT is a little less than 4 hours…a cake walk compared to the 10 hours I’m used to driving to get to ND. On the road we passed lots of mountains.


We passed a barn.


And another barn.


And another one.

Definitely not in Northern Virginia anymore. We’ve entered the land of cow-tipping, moonshine and southern twangs. Not going to lie, it’s kind of nice to get out of the burbs and into some fresh air. The moonshine doesn’t hurt either.

We dropped off the little nugget at his dorm for orientation and took him out for a quick lunch before his events began. It was kind of cute, because he was definitely hesitant to leave us… oh brother, just wait until you move to college for realz. Watching him in that moment brought a flashback to my first week of college. My family had left. I was at Notre Dame all alone, questioning why I had made this horrible decision to go to school 10 hours away. I was already homesick. As if that wasn’t bad enough to deal with, I casually sustained a corneal abrasion, had to ride in a cop car to the emergency room and went to my first week of classes looking like Cyclops. How did I ever make friends in college? Your guess is as good as mine.

Flash forward to the present, as I creepily stalk my siblings.


After some elevator mishaps, failed attempts to sneak into the Pent House of the dorm and a complete disregard for our brother’s orientation itinerary (oops, we were responsible for him not getting his student id…meaning he was the only kid who couldn’t pay for his bus ride into town…meaning the orientation leader had to lend him coins for the bus….meaning we are the worst sisters ever), we said our tearful goodbyes [read: he ran away from us as fast as he could.]

Before heading back on the road, the Sis and I decided to grab a quick, light lunch:

cabo fish taco

Because nothing says light and quick like a deep-fried, sit down meal. It’s a road trip. Might as well.


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