Restaurant Week

Nothing is more fun than dressing up, going to a fancy dinner with friends and pretending to be real adults… because, you know, turning 25 doesn’t make you an adult (or being 24, for that matter). Since I’m such a fat girl food aficionado, I went to two dinners during this glorious week.

Cue dinner #1:
Vidalia with Avy, Shay and Alex

First Course: Heritage Pork Fritter, red bliss potato, Vidalia onions, bacon aïoli, peach mustard (omgggggg. breaded, fried pork with a piece of crackling to top it off. Dying just thinking about this.)

heritage pork fritter

And this is what my plate looked like, ohhh about 30 seconds after it was put in front of me. I quickly decided to end the practice of snapping pictures of my good-to-the-last-scrape plate for obvious reasons.

post heritage pork fritter

Second Course: Sorghum-spiced Pork Chop, crawfish, braised heirloom bean ragout, apple butter, whiskey reduction

pork chop

Dessert: Georgia Pecan Pie, bourbon caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream

pecan pie

I kind of went out on a limb on this one, never actually having eaten pecan pie before this dinner. Best.Decision.Ever. This night happened to be the first time all summer that Avy, Alex and I got to hang out together. After a much needed Ein-catchup, we parted ways…me rolling all the way to the Metro.

Dinner #2:
SEI with Sister Helen (no, she’s not actually a nun)

Of course we decided to just split all of the plates with each other. How convenient that we chose exactly what the other would’ve chosen for appetizers, entrees and desserts. Sister Sister.

Kind of embarrassing, but I totally thought the glass was filled up with water or some type of drink before our server came:


No, Lanna, that’s just a glass with a fog design on it. Also, didn’t realize that little teapot was for the soy sauce. Yes, I flagged down a server to ask and make sure before I started pouring away. Sheesh, you’d think I’d never been out to a restaurant before. Bonus points for SEI for providing an amuse bouche of tuna tartare. An appetizer to the appetizer, if you will.

First Course: Yellowtail Sashimi, micro greens, truffle ponzu; Kobe Tataki Sushi Roll, spicy crunch, watercress oil, red wine ponzu

kobe roll and sashimi sashimi

I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but sometimes I just get a craving for raw. Anything raw. Oysters, sushi, whatever. This was one of those days and sashimi could not have tasted any better to me.

Second Course: Pan Seared Duck, dried shiitake crust, watercress, red wine soy glaze; Braised Short Ribs, scallion potato pancake, Chinese broccolini

duck braised beef

Dessert: Orange Miso Bread Pudding, sea salt ice cream; Mochi Ice Cream, mango, strawberry, green tea


Sea salt ice cream??? Are you kidding me? If it were socially acceptable to lick the plate clean in a public setting…. you know I would do it. Not gonna lie, the mochi was just “meh”…. we did try the bread pudding/ice cream combo first, so that might’ve skewed our dessert preferences right off the bat.

6 more months until the next DC restaurant week! Time to start mapping out where I’ll be eating… #fatgirlproblems


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