Week 2: Michigan

Muck Fichigan. Skunkbears. Ann Arbor is a….

I could go on and on. But I’ll just get straight to the clothes:

gameday threads week 2

Bangle: Stella & Dot here // ND tank top: AE.com, sold out, similar here // Michael Kors navy crossbody here // Nail polish: Essie in First Timer here // Drop earrings: Stella & Dot in green here // Jack Rogers in gold here // Pleated stripe shorts: J.Crew Factory here (on sale) // Rain boots: Hunter, gold ….sorry, no idea where you can find these. Sold out everywhere

Whenever Michigan weekend rolls around, I try to wear as much green as possible since our colors are so similar. Nothing is worst than being mistaken as a Michigan fan.

I also threw in the gold rain boots because, well, I don’t think I’ve ever attended a Michigan game where it wasn’t raining.

Exhibit A: Sophomore Year (aka when 95% of the student population incurred water damage to cellphones and cameras)

rainy michigan

Exhibit B: Senior Year

michigan notre damerainy michigan

Exhibit C: Sophomore Year… of life, that is

rainy michigan 2

The moral of the story: if Notre Dame is playing Michigan, pack rain boots…and a rain jacket…and plastic bags for your electronics…and an umbrella…and a parka, because no one wants to sit on wet wood for 3.5 hours.

(And yes, as evidenced by the images, my rain jacket has lasted me for 6 years and counting)



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