Weekend Things

I realize that I’ve been posting a lot about Notre Dame football and tailgating clothes lately, but in my defense:

1. I warned you about this

2. My college is awesome and I have no shame in preaching about the greatness of Notre Dame

But, to break up the monotony of blue, gold and green here’s a photo dump of some recent weekend things. You know, actual activities I partake in, not just me sitting around wishing I was attending all those wonderful tailgates and football games:

1. Walking around Old Town and stopping by Nando’s for lunch:

old town 3

old town old town 2 nandos wrap nandos coleslaw

2. Visiting what is potentially my favorite place in DC:

fish marketfish market 4 fish market 2 fish market 6 fish market 3I’m not even sure what the offical name of this place is, but we just call it “The Fish Market.” It’s basically an open air…. Fish Market. It’s built right up against the water and there are vendors selling all types of raw seafood and a handful of stalls serving up any kind of fried crustacean you can think of. AKA heaven. We’ve been coming to this place for years and I have really vivid childhood memories of walking around and being scared out of my mind that I would slip through the crack between the dock and the cement and fall into the water. I had irrational fears as a small child.

Whenever we stop by The Fish Market, we go with one goal in mind: crabs

fish market 5 fish market 8 fish market 9 fish market 10

Mission completed.

3. Babysitting this:

dog sitting 3We’re the best of friends:

dog sittingSo much so, that we recover from epic hangovers together:

dog sitting 2“Please, no bright lights or loud sounds… also can you get me a can of ginger ale?”

I’m 100% sure that’s what he’s thinking right now.


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