Week 5: Oklahoma

….which will soon be known as the BEST WEEKEND EVER!!! Seriously, tomorrow could be the happiest day of  my life. And then Saturday will surpass that and become the new happiest day of my life!!!

Yes, I am finally going back home for a football game!! I’m excited to be back on campus. I’m excited to eat food thats bad for me and not care. I’m excited to drink beer in excess… and not care. But mostly, I’m excited for a PHRAT reunion. Get ready for a weekend of this:


phrat2 phrat3 phrat5

Oh and in case you were wondering… here is the actual outfit I will be wearing tomorrow. It took a lot of backtracking to find some of these items, but here you go:

Gameday Threads Week 5
Longer post with gameday photos to follow…

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