Are We Not the Best of Friends?

As advertised, Oklahoma weekend turned out to be quite the reunion. I got to see all of my best friends, take a mini road trip to South Bend with said best friends, eat Rocco’s pizza (yummm), attend a Cronin Family Tailgate (yes!), watch Notre Dame football in person (yes!!) and even drink Natty Light (yes!!!… not really).

There were some slight traveling mishaps. Luggage almost got left behind (twice), medical emergencies where flight attendants requested “ANY DOCTORS ON BOARD?!!! ANY DOCTORS ON BOARD??!! WE NEED YOU AT THE FRONT OF THE PLANE NOW!!!” … and a large cowboy’s wandering arm falling into an unsuspecting Phrat member’s lap. Surprise! Suffice it to say, there is never a lack of excitement when Phrat gets together.

So my goal of the weekend was to document it as much as possible. I started off taking lots of snapchats…like every 20 minutes. Halfway through the trip to Chicago, I realized I couldn’t save any of these images, because well, that’s the beauty of snapchat. It kind of went all downhill from there. This is a piecemeal effort to showcase the best of the weekend. Some of these I took, some of these I stole. Thank you to everyone who contributed pictures!

Guys, I’m about to share with you some of my best work as former official Phrat photographer. After looking through the next few images, you’ll probably wonder why I haven’t considered making the switch from Marketing to Professional Photography. It’s a tough decision that I’m still mulling over. Photo captions on top:

It gets dark out at night, in case anyone was wondering:

notre dame oklahoma 2

Sitting in a dark car with no one looking at the camera makes for a great shot:

oklahoma notre dame

The (other) Golden Dome:

notre dame oklahoma 11

10 points to whoever can guess what I’m trying to take a picture of. The press box? The crowd? The darkness setting in on the stadium?

notre dame oklahoma 12

It’s cool, my best friend is a ghost:

notre dame oklahoma 10

Oh wait, I’m supposed to move my fingers off of the lens when I take a picture? Got it.

notre dame oklahoma 9

Needless to say, I would be pretty upset if these were the only gems to remember the weekend by, but lucky me, I have friends who can help me supplement those “photos” and I did take a few others that are (mostly) better quality images:

Out-of-towners arriving in Chicago:

out of towners

Car picture!

notre dame oklahoma 3

Obligatory walking pic:

notre dame oklahoma 5

Troop 741 back at our old stomping grounds (for Mackenzie, I mean “stomping” in the most literal way)

troop 741

First reunion picture since graduation:

Oklahoma Phrat

Obligatory peg-leg:

oklahoma peg leg


notre dame oklahoma 13

Jersey chasers with our favorite football player:

jersey chasers

Extreme jersey chaser with… not a real football player:

jersey chaser 2

I’ve missed this view:

notre dame oklahoma 6

Sad little boy who cried half the game (in his defense, the Irish put up a poor showing):

notre dame oklahoma 8

First down shimmy buddies!

notre dame oklahoma 7

Now I’m counting down the days to USC Weekend!


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