Bye Week: Wear to Work Edition

To me, Bye Week is synonymous with my birthday, the first REAL hint of fall weather, and a nice relaxing weekend of not drinking. Good thing for me, all three of those are in the cards for me! I think by now, you’ve caught on that I love Notre Dame football to death, but Bye Week hits right around the time when things get crazy and all you need/want is a quiet weekend to get your life together (especially if you went to a crazy brunch the weekend before… more to come in another post).

Since there’s no game day to prep for, I’m publishing this post as a”Wear to Work Edition”

Gameday Threads: Wear to Work Edition
I remember last year when we were undefeated and making our way to the National Championship Game, I made it a point to only wear navy, green and gold on Mondays. I’m sure my coworkers enjoyed that 🙂
For the rest of you Irish fans idling around this weekend…get ready to be inundated with pumpkin-flavored-everything (if you haven’t already been):
Tis the Season!



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