Five Things

Sometimes I have random thoughts or semi-interesting things that happen to me during the week that don’t quite warrant an entire blog post. So, for the time being, I’ll just add them to a new series which I will tentatively name “Things”…and this week, it’s Five 🙂

(I really need to think of a better title… all recommendations are welcome!)

1. I taught myself how to code in JavaScript for a work project. I may or may not have jumped up and down in my cube whilst silently screaming and giving myself a pat on the back. Yes, I am great at multi-tasking and can accomplish things like jumping up and down, cheering silently and patting myself on the back all at the same time. No, I’m not technologically savvy. At all. This, coming from the girl who has had to ask for help to operate a TV remote control (work the machine!).

2. Been obsessed with the Pioneer Woman lately. I make it a point to wake up on Saturday mornings to watch her show (nerd alert) and I’m currently reading her book (SUUUPER nerd alert). She makes the best food (not that I’ve actually eaten anything she’s cooked…but you know what I mean). Also, she’s married to a cowboy! Any chance I find one of those wandering around DC?

3. Speaking of food, ALLLLLL I have been wanting to eat for the past few weeks is this:

peking duck

When a normal person craves a certain food item, it’s probably just a sudden hunger pang and a few moments of wishing for said food item. When I have a craving, it’s literally all I can think of for days on end (weeks, at this point) until I satisfy that craving. Otherwise, it won’t go away. It’s a curse. Just look at I die. I guess duck is a weird craving for some people…but if you’ve never had Peking Duck before, google a place nearby and go eat one….NOW. (Lil, back me up on this!)

4. Cosmic kickball starts this Thursday! What is cosmic kickball, you ask? The same childhood game you know and love, but with the added fun of wearing neon glow bracelets and necklaces, the bases glow….and so does the ball! This is going to be way more fun than recess. Mostly because there’s a sponsored bar where teams play flip cup afterwards. Although, I have been wondering, what with the government shutdown going on, will the National Mall be open by Thursday? I mean, the last time I played kickball was in the “6th graders vs. teachers” game in elementary school a mere 13 years ago so if the game HAD to be postponed and all we did was go straight to the bar, I guess I’d be okay with that…

5. My birthday is tomorrow. Not sure how I feel about it…just kidding, I actually know exactly how I feel about it:


Happy Monday everyone!


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