Week 9: Air Force

Winter has hit me like a ton of bricks. I went from wearing dresses and sandals to bundling up in scarves, gloves and jackets in a matter of one week….helloooo.

Ok, we’re barely into Fall and it’s been a low of 50 during the day (if that) but I’ve since lost my Chi-town skin and am a wimp now when it comes to cold weather. All of you going to the Air Force game, Godspeed and good luck:

Gameday Threads, Week 9

If you plan to survive, you’re probably going to need a heavier jacket than what I’m suggesting. But, you know, since I’ll be watching safely from my warm couch in my ND snuggie… I didn’t pay much attention to finding an actual winter jacket to add in.

I’m thinking some grilled cheese and tomato soup during the game watch will be just the ticket… now which one to choose?

1. spicy

2. suuuper fancy

3. heart attack waiting to happen

4. grilled cheese impostor:
–“I’m a grilled cheese”
–“…nooooo it’s noooot” (brownie points if any non-phrat member can tell me what YouTube video I adapted that from)



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