Birthday Fun

For someone who claims to dislike talking about/celebrating birthdays, I sure have been mentioning it a lot in recent posts. I was looking forward to ushering in this new phase of my life with a quiet happy hour, maybe a brunch. Instead, I celebrated on two separate occasions and then took a weekend trip to Chicago to make an event out of it. Funny how things work out.

My sister’s birthday is 5 days before mine. Our childhood was filled with joint birthday parties complete with matching presents and cakes. 20 years later we like to keep the tradition going, sans the matching outfits. We spent a day shopping, eating and drinking (my three favorite things) and then on my actual birthday went to dinner just the two of us.

brats and beer

Pre-shopping drinks and food. I’ve always been a firm believer that adequate sustenance is needed to fuel a long day of shopping. We got a liter of beer each and split the brats (it is Oktoberfest, after all). The two bartenders placed a bet on if we could finish our beers. Silly boys.

birthday donuts

My team surprised me at the end of the work day with donuts from Astro Donuts. Sooo good.

birthday food

birthday drinks

For dinner, my sister and I grabbed tacos (duck confit, pork belly and scallops), our favorite cheese dip with chorizo and split a pitcher of sangria at Rosa Mexicano. Yes, we use the straws as chopsticks to eat the fruit. Don’t you? And then free birthday shots of tequila commenced. You’ll be happy to know that this 25 year old body was up and ready for work the next day without a hint of a hangover. This coming from the girl who has taken up a habit of assessing drinks before imbibing to determine the likelihood of getting a hangover in the morning. My how times have changed.

My birthday weekend was filled with wonderful friends, not so wonderful football games (a win’s a win, right?), and freezing temperatures. And it was the best birthday weekend I’ve had in a long time. I traipsed around downtown Chicago, got to see one of my dearest high school friends, had a delicious dinner and experienced a BYOB restaurant for the first time, got a birthday sparkler that made me so happy, got a fishbowl filled with neon blue liquid that made me not so happy, took a drunk bus to South Bend, got mooned by a fellow bus rider, drank a lot of beer, hugged a lot of friends, almost froze to death courtesy of the Midwest weather, cuddled in the stands with my McDs, took lots of pictures, had the yummiest brunch in my favorite district of Chicago and watched my Redskins beat the Chicago Bears while waiting in line to go through airport security.

birthday sparkler 2 birthday fishbowl ND-USC game 2birthday in chicago

Thanks to everyone who helped make my 25th the start of the best year ever!


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