Four Things

1. As you can tell by the name of this post, no, I have not thought of a better series title.

2. I don’t think my name is that hard to spell. Or pronounce. But apparently it is. Case in point: four things Lonie. Lonie???? Ok, I can understand Lana, Lona, and even Lonna (all variations which I have received on Starbucks cups, receipts, etc). But Lonie? That doesn’t even sound like my name! Hmph. Also, please note that my host’s name was Shaquille. In other news, yes, I did eat a shackburger and cheese fries… and a milkshake before my first kickball game. Don’t judge. Athlete’s gotta eat.

3. It’s Halloween week! Which means the annual Pumpkin Creativity Contest will take place at work. I somehow got put in charge of this for our department and we have yet to make moves on decorating…or coming up with a theme. Kind of ironic seeing as to we’re the Marketing Department and always have to come up with creative things. Also, this week means I can unashamedly eat 3290843 candy bars and not feel that bad about it, because I’m celebrating a holiday. Ok, realistically, I will probably only eat 3290840 candy bars and will most likely feel a small tinge of guilt. But just a small one.

4. Speaking of Halloween, my nephew’s birthday is the day before, so by virtue of being born so close to All Hallows’ Eve, he just loves dressing up in costumes. He’s turning two and this year he’s going to be a shark. I have the cutest nephew ever. Don’t even try to fight me on this one: four things bailey collagebailey costumes bailey hats bailey shark 2 bailey shark Have a great week everyone!


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