Weekend Things

How is it almost Thanksgiving?! These past few weekends have been FLYING by. It’s been a good mix of busy, not-so-busy, a lot of eating and a little bit of manual labor:

Metro Cooking and Entertaining Show —
Basically, a convention for food and entertaining gadgets. Lots of samples….lots and lots of samples. You can bet I was a happy camper:

metro cooking show capital cooking showThings getting crazy at the convention. Double-fisting my samples of alcoholic slushies.

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Dining out and about —
Recently hit up Chinatown for some Peking Duck and Duck Soup with “Fresh Noodle Made on the Spot.” Also, Pho Sate and some delicious scallop pasta eaten on separate occasions.
chinatown express peking duck duck soupnoodle shopchinatownpho sate blackened scallop penne

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Raking Leaves with Grandpa —
Now after all that eating comes the manual labor. I spent a Saturday raking leaves and harvesting persimmon with my grandpa. My grandparents live in an older neighborhood with a LOT of trees.

This is definitely on the short list of my “Favorite Places in the World”raking leaves 9raking leaves 7 raking leaves 5 raking leaves 6Right about now, Grandpa was wishing one of his grandchildren under the age of 10 was present so he could dunk them in the trash bin to crush the leaves…. for now, the rake and my leg would have to suffice.raking leaves 4 raking leavesBefore:raking leaves 8After:raking leaves 2raking leaves 3That’s a lot of leaves folks. And a lot of trips taking that trash can up and down the hill from the backyard to the curb…. and as big a pile as that looks, we didn’t even make a dent. Grandpa’s planning to enlist able-bodied, college grandkids home for Thanksgiving break to take care of the rest…thank goodness. My old body just can’t rake leaves like it used to.

And then I picked all the fruit on their persimmon tree… I refused to climb any higher than the first rung of the ladder (courtesy of my irrational fears) until grandpa made fun of me, so I ventured up the second rung, but absolutely drew the line there:persimmon 4 persimmon pickingWe were planning to celebrate the harvest and all of our hard work with a round of gin and tonics, until we discovered there was no gin in the house. So instead, we settled for rum and expired Pepsi. Just as good, right? Grandpa was looking for his nice drinking glasses, because we like to keep things classy at Casa de Pettit. I, on the other hand was feeling slightly nostalgic, so I dug out my favorite childhood cups which were still perched in the same position of the topmost cabinet:

gin and tonicAh, Pebbles and Dino, just where I left them. Did we drink alcoholic beverages out of 20+ year old cups made for small children? Yes, because it’s not every day my favorite Grandpa gets to spend an entire afternoon with his favorite grandchild. Might as well!

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