Week 13: BYU

And just like that, the final home game of the season has arrived.

Gameday Threads, Week 13

In honor of Throwback Thursday, we’re going to take a little trip down memory lane to my Senior Tailgate. Of course it was raining. Of course we were expected to lose the game. Of course, it was the best day ever.

There’s a little tradition during halftime where the Senior section of the stadium breaks out into an all out war zone…marshmallow is the ammunition of choice. Weird? Maybe. Messy? Definitely. The most fun you’ll ever have at a football game? Obviously.

Now, there’s a lot of preparation that goes into this marshmallow fight. I remember my roommates and I went to a local ethnic supermarket that was known to sell marshmallows the size of softballs (okay, slight exaggeration, but they were pretty freaking huge). Once in possession of said softball-sized marshmallows, then came the hard part: how to disguise and sneak them into the stadium.

Well, duh, just pretend like they’re an enhanced body party, ala Brazilian butt implants or a Dolly Parton sized bosom. Pick your poison:

116 senior week

Our friends were planning on throwing their very own tailgate. So grown up! So mature! So much beer!….so much for being adults:


For some reason, it took us…US…the group of friends known for our signature dance moves…4 years to realize that adding music to a tailgate could actually be a good idea:

179488_765911330447_69030_n 151

The next Senior tradition: eating any fallen jello shot bits off the ground. Yes, this happened, but I won’t name any names:

senior tailgate 5senior tailgate 2

We danced. We partied. We had the cavalry called in on us:

senior tailgate 6

But, most importantly, we won!! And then we stormed the field and became one, big, muddy mess of a class.

182  senior tailgate 7 senior tailgate 8181 199198

Did I mention it was the best day ever?

senior tailgate 4

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