This Week

1. So excited to watch the second Hunger Games movie. I read the books a couple of years ago, so I only have a vague memory of the plotline, but who cares, J.Law is my girl and I find Josh Hutcherson oddly attractive. I said it.

2. I can’t believe I have to wait 1.5 more weeks to watch the newest episode of Scandal. Gahhhhh. What’s going to happen?? Liv’s mom is alive?! James cheated?! Is Quinn a bad guy?! Jake Ballard… is so hot!! 1.5 weeks? I die.

3. Woo woo TGTITT — Thank God Thanksgiving Is This Thursday! 3 days of work is what’s standing between me and an almost certain 15lb weight gain (if I play my cards right, it might be 20). This is hands down my favorite holiday and this year we’re hosting the whole family at our house. Now, let me tell you, we’ve got holiday food down pat. One aunt always cooks the turkey and trimmings. One aunt always makes roast beef, mashed potatoes and other sides. One aunt always supplies the appetizers and dips. One aunt always brings a ham and pies. And my mom always whips up the random Vietnamese food that’s haphazardly added to the Turkey Day spread. This year, I thought I’d contribute something, but I’m not really sure what to make. Everyone already has their go-to dish(es) that I just have no idea what my signature offering should be. Dessert? Appetizer? Side dish? Something really easy that requires minimal effort on my part?

I’ve narrowed it down to these:

Which one looks like a winner?

4. So I guess Black Friday shopping begins…like, last Friday? I can’t even go there right now.

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But really, please let me know which recipe looks the yummiest. Otherwise, knowing my indecisive nature, I just might make all four of them (and then it will surely be a 30lb weight gain).

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