Brunching at Boqueria

Last Sunday I wrapped up the weekend of endless eating with… endless eating. Well, because when you’ve already spent the past 3 days inhaling food, why not top it off with a bottomless brunch? Might as well.

I met Avy at Boqueria, a place we’ve been dying to brunch at for such a long time. Tapas and sangria bottomless brunch? I’m in. What’s the point of trekking into the city for a meal if I can’t sit at the restaurant for 2+ hours eating and drinking to my heart’s delight?

I’ve never even stepped foot inside Boqueria before, always walked by wistfully salvitating looking at the menu posted on their window. Love, love, love the interior because I love, love, love any restaurant that has the foresight to install a bar with three sides for seating….it got my brain thinking ahead to happy hours here:

boqueria bar boqueria

I always get slightly intimidated whenever I go to a restaurant that has a menu in another language. I usually resort to nervously pointing at the items I want, phonetically pronouncing out the syllables of each word, employing hand motions all whilst desperately hoping my server understands what the heck I’m trying to order. Mind you, that’s what I do at Vietnamese restaurants…what shot do I have at a Spanish tapas bar??? Thank God Avy studied abroad in Spain for a year. That’s really the only reason why I keep her around šŸ˜‰

boqueria brunch

For the two of us, we ordered almost everything off of the brunch menu:

boqueria patatasboqueria-bread garlic aoiliboqueria bacon

1. Patatas bravas: crispy potatoes, salsa brava, roasted garlic aoili

2. Pan con Tomate con Mangeco y Jamon: grilled bread rubbed with tomato, garlic, and olive oil, served with Manchego cheese and Jamon Serrano

3. Beicon: smoked bacon

The complimentary bread and garlic aioli was the perfect way to start the meal off. You could rub that garlic aioli on a dish cloth, and I would eat it. If the patatas bravasĀ could be in every meal, every day of my life, I would have a very happy life. I would be very fat, but I would be very happy.

boqueria lamb meatballsboqueria-tortilla espanola boqueria-blistered shishito peppers

4. Albondigas: lamb meatballs, tomato sauce, sheep’s milk cheese

5. Verduras con Romesco: broccoli with hazelnut romesco

6. Tortilla Espanola: traditional Spanish omelet of eggs, confit potatoes and Spanish onions

7. Pimientos de Padron: blistered Shishito peppers, coarse sea salt

I’m not a huge fan of lamb, but I always make myself try something I don’t like more than once.

On the menu, I would like to recommend they add an asterisk next to the Pimientos de Padron saying *Warning: Hottest Little Mother Fuckers You Will Ever Eat in Your Life* … of course, as I’m popping one into my mouth, Avy starts explaining to me that in Spain, they don’t usually like to eat spicy foods and only really add in paprika whenever they want a little kick of excitement. Uhhhhh clearly these peppers were not from Spain then. I kid you not, my throat instantly was coated in that super hot feeling…you know, the one where you feel like you’ve ingested a gallon of gasoline and someone’s just lit a match in your esophagus and the whole thing blows up in hot, fiery explosion. Yes, it felt like the area from my mouth to my upper chest cavity was flaming. And what did I do? Continued to eat the peppers, of course. It’s a problem I have with spicy food. I just can’t stop.

boqueria-eggs benedict boqueria-potato chip crusted chicken

8. Huevos Benedictinos: poached egg, Serrano ham, English muffin, Hollandaise

9. Soladitos de Pollo: potato chip crusted chick breast, dijon mustard aioli

After the potatoes, these two dishes were definitely right up there on my “It Was So Good I May or May Not Have Licked My Plate and Fingers Clean After Eating Them” list. If someone were to tell me that the best eggs Benedict I’ve eaten so far in my 25 years of life would be from a Spanish tapas bar, I would have laughed. Hard. In their face. Welp, joke’s on me, because I honestly think this was the best one I’ve had yet. So. Freaking. Delicious. The potato crusted chicken? Ohmahgah. That’s all I have to say about that.

boqueria dessert

10. Pina Inopia: golden pineapple, molasses, lime zest

11. Churros con Chocolate: traditional fried dough, thick hot chocolate.

Well, you really can’t go wrong with dessert. Are you surprised to hear that I loved both of these? Pineapple, molasses and lime zest… who’d have thought that combination would taste so good?

Right around this point I was seriously about to burst from my seams. I guess that’s the only downside to a bottomless brunch. If you give me a menu and tell me that I can choose whatever I want, however much of it I want for hours on end….I’m gonna do it. I can’t think of a better way to top off Thanksgiving Weekend. Until next time, Boqueria! I’m already planning my next visit….and it includes not eating for a full 12 hours beforehand.


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