Christmas 2013

Some snaps from this year’s Christmas festivities:

I made Giant Rainbow Cookies

Giant Rainbow Cookie Dough 2Christmas Giant Rainbow CookiesI measure a cookie’s worth by how good the dough tastes. Just look at it. Definitely snuck a few spoonfuls of that into my mouth when no one was looking, I guess I was just making up for a sad childhood of not being allowed to eat cookie dough.

This year’s Christmas Day gathering was at my Aunt Tina’s house:

Christmas 2013Christmas Tree

We started off a little too strong with the appetizers, which in itself, was like a full meal. It took a couple of hours before we were ready for the actual Christmas dinner.

Appetizers Christmas Spread 2 Christmas Spread 3 Bacon-wrapped Venison

You’re looking at the reason why I can’t fit into my jeans anymore: Cocktail shrimp, spicy Cajun shrimp dip, pizza dip, cheesy meatballs, shrimp/crab/cheese on french bread, fried eggrolls and wontons, suuuuper cheesy mac and cheese, prime rib, two hams, my Aunt Cathy’s mashed potatoes, sweet potato mash, fried rice, and lastly…. bacon wrapped venison.

There was also an entire table dedicated to sweets (including my Giant Rainbow Cookies) but I couldn’t fit any more food in me after dinner.

Christmas (or any family gathering) isn’t complete without a full-on photo shoot:

Christmas Photographers Christmas Family PhotoThe whole crew…minus two of my aunts.

Christmas Cousin Photo 3 Christmas Cousin Photo 2

And all of the grandkids, seated in birth order (with our year buddies). We kind of failed to go in order in the second photo…

On Thursday we had Christmas Round 2 at my great-aunt’s house. My cutie little cousin and his parents were home for the holidays. The last time I saw this guy was Easter:

Baby Milo

Happy to report that he’s still just as cute as ever:


Although I heard he tried feeding Major cookies for breakfast. Poor dog.


The best part of the night? Homemade pho!

Homemade Pho

I hope everyone had as wonderful of a Christmas as I did!

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