M.A.W. Takes on N.Y.C. {Santacon}

I’ve kind of put this blog post off for a while because it’s a doozy and I knew it was going to take a lot of time and effort to fully capture all of the craziness from this weekend trip. But I figure if the word “Santa” is in the title, I need to publish this post before the New Year comes in.

Let me first start with a short preface by saying that whenever Katie, Michelle (my two girlfriends from high school) and I get together…we can always expect a wild time. One of has been known to take a blackout walk from a bar in Adams Morgan to the Ritz and make friends with a middle-aged woman at the hotel bar, only to snap out from said blackout to find no purse, no money, no keys, no way home. Commence apartment break-in via window. One of us has been known to enter FedEx Field with tickets to nosebleed seats for the Notre Dame/Maryland football game only to prance through the gates and make a beeline for front row seats. And we didn’t even get kicked out. Note: It wasn’t me.

And together, all three of us have been known to run away from the rest of our friends at the end of the night in pursuit of food. Jumbo Slice? Johnny Rockets? Five Guys? Yes.

Needless to say, I was excited but a little nervous for what this weekend would hold for us. After a night out, our stories are always….interesting? Weird things always find a way to happen.

Friday afternoon Michelle and I took a bus to the big city… it’s only taken us 6 months to visit Katie since her big move. Oops, sorry about that KT! I’m proud to say that Michelle and I navigated the NYC streets and Subway to Katie’s apartment thanks to Google Map all by ourselves … an impressive feat for me, at least. Katie and her roommates were hosting a Christmas party, so as soon as we walked through the door it was go, go, go make ourselves look presentable. As it would turn out, quite a few of our high school friends have either moved to NYC or were visiting for the weekend, just like us. CVILLE reunion:


After playing “How Many People Can We Squeeze into This NYC Apartment” (answer: a lot more than you’d expect) and forcing Timber to be the theme song of the weekend, we all headed out to a club. The club. Where two drinks costed over $60. And I dropped mine on the floor. Woof.


Apparently we really wanted ice? Once Michelle started incorporating high kicks into her dance moves, and Katie started close-talking with a certain someone, we made the executive decision to stay true to form and run away from our friends in search of food. It was probably the best decision of the night. Michelle hailed high-kicked for a cab and we were one step closer to ending the night with pizza. For some reason, my drunk self thought it was crucial to take as many pics while ordering/eating:

Katie Pizza NYC Pizza NYC Pizza Eats

The dude in the middle was totally judging us…. as was the man behind the counter.

After all three of us packed into Katie’s bed around close to 4am and after getting about 4-5 hours of sleep, we were ready for Day 2 in NYC: Santacon. This was my first experience with Santacon, but I guess it’s a really big deal here…even the dogs get into the Santa spirit:

NYC SantaconWell, as Mother Nature would have it, we woke up to fresh snow and it showed no signs of stopping. We donned our red/white/santa gear, pulled on our boots, and zipped up our parkas: ready to brave the weather and hordes of drunk Santas. I literally had my hood pulled up, holding it down with both hands over my head. I’m pretty sure Michelle had a similar contraption worked up with her scarf, but I couldn’t really tell because my line of sight was limited to two feet directly in front of me, head hunched down. Basically, we were blindly traipsing through the streets of New York with the back of Katie’s boots serving as our guide:

NYC Snow 4NYC Snowy Santacon

Where was she leading us? No idea…the North Pole, perhaps.

Turns out, we were going to her friend’s apartment and from there we went to three bars. At Bar #1, they were handing out tickets for free pizzas based on the number of drinks you bought. I remember hoarding those tickets and clinging on to them as if my life depended upon it. I’m pretty sure at one point, my parka was just dragging along behind me picking up snow, ice, and bar sludge. Wonderful. At Bar #2, Michelle was about to knock out a girl who tried to cut us in the bathroom line. Dumb bitch. I kind of wish it did escalate into a fight… At Bar #3, we saw a Duke basketball player, went through a little bit of drama, and ate.a.lot.of.BBQ.

NYC Santacon NYC Santacon 2 NYC Santacon 4

I don’t think I’ve ever taken as many (free) shots of Fireball as I did that day. We went home at around 10:30 and slept for 12 hours straight. Sunday came and it was time for Miche and I to make the long trek back home …not without getting McDonald’s first, of course. And, as we lined up to wait for the bus, we just happened to be stationed right in front of the street food vendors. Who wouldn’t want to smell like smoke and fresh lamb kabob before boarding a bus?

NYC 10After a long, fun and exciting weekend, I’ve got to say, it was nice to be back home in good old DC.


The biggest takeaway from this weekend? We are one good-looking trio.

NYC Trip NYC 5

Until our next adventure!

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2 thoughts on “M.A.W. Takes on N.Y.C. {Santacon}

  1. Love love love this lanz!! Such a great recap and a hilarious description! When are you coming back in the warmer months?! We can do rooftops then 🙂

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