Life Lately

1. I lucked out and got another snow day! 4-day weekend? I’ll take it.

2. My little brother texted me a photo of a tree on his school’s campus that he affectionately calls his “Touchdown Jesus” tree. Love it:

Touchdown Jesus

3. I’ve been in the midst of an intense apartment hunt and I’ve come to a single conclusion (pun intended): finding the right apartment is like finding the perfect boyfriend. It doesn’t exist. Which leads me to more depressing questions. Should I have to settle? Do I need to give up certain things that I really want in order to make this work? Is it me, am I being too picky? This sucks.

4. I ran some errands yesterday in preparation for today’s impending blizzard (read: 2 inches of snow). Of course, that somehow ended with me at the mall. Of course, that led me to my favorite bookstore. And, of course, I bought 3 more books despite the stack of 8 unread ones currently sitting in the corner of the living room. I have a problem.

5. Apparently wind chills will reach -20 tomorrow. That will be fun. Stay warm, my friends!

blog dots


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