Winter Restaurant Week: DC Coast

And just like that, the most delicious 7 days in DC are over…at least, until Summer Restaurant Week, that is. This time around, I limited myself to just one dinner. We had such a fun girls night catching up over drinks and seafood at DC Coast.

Restaurant Week DC Coast - Drinks

Avy introduced me to the Moscow Mule….which might be my new favorite drink. Vodka, ginger beer and lime? Delicious. Please note the little mermaid in the last drink….more on that to come.

I’ve never been to DC Coast before, but upon entering, you can tell it’s one of those “Power Lunch” places. Stiff suits, lawyers, the older crowd… I guess being located in the heart of McPherson Square right on K Street kind of makes it a default “Power” spot.

By now, you should know that seafood is not just a staple in my diet, it’s a necessity, so I was more than happy that everyone agreed on this place for dinner. My favorite part of DC Coast’s Restaurant Week was that it didn’t force a predetermined menu with three options for the entrée. The full menu was available with a few surcharges, but it was definitely nice to have that choice. I won’t bore you with the details of what everyone ordered (crab cakes, Maine scallops, skatefish, monkfish cassoulet, shrimp fritters), but I will report that everything was delicious.

DC Coast Restaurant Week

The one thing I was not too pleased about was the dim lighting (which contributed to the yellow-tinged photos). They literally had a designated server walking around turning the lights down even lower than what it was when we first sat down. Why? I’m all for mood lighting, but is it weird that I would like to see the food that I’m eating and the faces of the people I’m dining with? I rebelled and turned our light back up again once our server turned his back. #badass

So right before dessert came around, one of the servers came to clear the table of our empty drink glasses. Mine still had my little mermaid on it and upon hearing that I wanted to keep it (I’m weird, I know) he brought back a handful more for us!

Restaurant Week mermaids 2

He proceeded to tell us that if we wanted a reservation at DC Coast or any of its sister restaurants, all we had to do was call him and he would hook us up. Okay, thanks dude. He then says his name is Rashad but hands us cards with the name Robert on them. Okay, Rashad aka Robert. Oh, and his fly was down. Like, the entire time he talked to us. And then he returned twice and it was still down. Lock it up Rashad aka Robert.

Restaurant Week DC Coast Desserts

Chocolate cake, chocolate creme brulee and brown sugar cake! …also Rashad aka Robert’s card in the top left corner.

And so ended another eventful Restaurant Week. See you in six more months!

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