Life Lately

1. I suck at blogging. It’s totally lame of me to say “life got in the way” when this blog is basically all about my life, right?

2. Speaking of life, I have a major update… I moved into the big city! With one of my best friends! Is this real life?! I’m still not entirely convinced it is. More on the new pad coming soon…

3. I switched out my MacBook for a Microsoft tablet (read: I wasn’t allowed to steal the family laptop) and am currently typing (more like attempting to type) on this touchscreen. My success rate for correctly pushing the right letters is probably less than 40% right now which leads me to three conclusions: 1. Thank goodness for autocorrect 2. I’ll be keeping this blog post short and sweet 3. Immediately following the tap of the “Publish” button I’ll be looking into purchasing a keyboard

4. I try not to talk (write?) about my job too much but last Friday we hosted our annual client event and it was so much fun! This year’s theme was Winter Lodge and the décor was awesome. The life-sized bison was a nice touch. I worked registration the whole night so by the time I was able to join in on the fun all the delicious food was gone. Some of my coworkers who were also working the event and I decided to crash the galley to see if there was anything left for us to scavenge, because you know, we get backstage privileges… we couldn’t even find a crumb, so I guess we still need to work our way up the ladder before we’re afforded food privileges. Its okay, we found plenty of alcohol to make up for the lack of mac ‘n cheese balls. #stillbitter

sparkle 2sparklesparkle animals



5. Last week the east coast was dumped with another mini snow storm, and we got another snow day! Mack and I decided to have a snowy adventure and trekked out to the National Mall… note to self: sloshing through a great expanse of snow is not the ideal time to discover the massive split in your rainboot’s seam. As I hobbled behind Mack, trying to let in as little slush as I could, we happened upon a snow replica of the Capitol and two French reporters (random?). The best part is when our friends saw this pic and thought we were the responsible party. Please, I have neither the patience nor the dainty fingers to pull off this masterpiece… if anything, we made sure to stand at least two feet back to avoid knocking it over. Knowing us, that was a valid fear:

snow day

Hope everyone’s enjoying the last bit of this three-day weekend! I promise to get my act together and post more frequently.

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