A Weekend of Contradictions

Guys, I had big plans for this weekend. Since my roommate left for a business trip to Haiti, I decided this was perfect timing to go home and lug back unwanted items from the big move (which, deserves a post of its own, but I refuse to take pictures of our place until we have all of our furniture and more than two pieces of art on the walls). I dragged my carry-on luggage to work and a large tote bag…so many people asked me where I was jetting off to.  The usual places? New York? Chicago?…”Umm, I’m actually just going home.” “Oh awesome! Where is that?”….Fairfax…a whopping 25 miles away. I didn’t care. I was going to have a relaxing weekend at home, not getting drunk, not eating junky drunk food and not spending money. Perhaps I’d finish reading my latest book (When Money Was in Fashion), do some painting (my bedroom walls are embarrassingly bare), and get a few good nights of sleep (because I’m 25 going on 80 years of age). But you know what? I was very excited about the prospect of this chill weekend.

My mom picked me up and we got pho for dinner. I’m such a snob when it comes to Vietnamese food and I haven’t yet ventured out to find a good place to get pho in the city. It’s not exactly unhealthy, but I’m pretty sure the fatty brisket doesn’t help my cause. I gave it a half strike on my quest to eat somewhat healthy food this weekend. As we’re headed home my mom casually mentions that her boss (who happens to be distantly related to us) invited some coworkers to meet up at a bar near our house at 10. Sure. Okay. We can stop by for a quick drink. In and out, say hi to some coworkers and we’d be in bed by 11:30 at the latest.

Uhhhh yeah, that so did not happen. What I thought was a casual night out at the local bar was actually my mom’s boss and his wife’s 22 year wedding anniversary party. Attended by their closest friends…and us. As soon it became apparent that we gate-crashed their anniversary party, three thoughts crossed my mind 1). So freaking glad I decided NOT to go the casual route in terms of my outfit 2). CURSES…why did I eat 4 pieces of chocolate before leaving the house and why wasn’t I given the “Skinny AZN Genes”….literally every other female in the room was the size of my left leg 3). I need alcohol. Right now.

A seven-course dinner was served…in the dark…with strobelights in the background.

Strobe Lights

Oh and there was karaoke. What’s more awkward than Vietnamese karaoke? Couples slow-dancing to Vietnamese karaoke:

Slow Dance 2

So what did I do? Drink Hennessey on ice…with glowing ice cubes. Might as well.

Glow Ice

The next morning I woke up with no trace of a hangover (thank you, sweet baby Jesus) and since it was 60 degrees outside my mom and I decided to go to the outlets for a little shopping excursion. I ended up purchasing a new Kate Spade bag, because I have a serious purse problem. Then we went to a local burger joint for lunch:


So, in short, this weekend I got drunk, ate a lot of junky food and spent money on unnecessary items. Awesome. There’s always next time?

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