One Fine Day

Last week my little brother was home from college for spring break. My sister and I took this as an excuse to ditch work for half a day and make a small DC adventure out of a Friday afternoon. It was the perfect, sunny day for gallivanting around the city. First, we stopped by Union Market for lunch. There are so many great food vendors there, it was really hard to settle on one for lunch. My mom, little bro and I decided on fish and chips from The District Fishwife and Sister Helen got a smoked salmon BLT from one of my favorite Farmer’s Market vendors, Neopol Savory Smokery.

Union Market - District Fishwife Fish and Chips Union Market - Neopol Savory Salmon BLTI can’t even begin to tell you how full we all were after lunch. What better way to work off the calories than by strolling around the National Zoo?

National Zoo 3

Awww, we’re so cute.

Gosh, it’s definitely been a few years since the last time I’ve been to the Zoo. In that time, apparently all of the giraffes passed away (they were favorite!), lots of babies were born (lions, and tigers, and (panda) bears, oh my!) and the resident red panda tried to make a run for it.

Of course we made a beeline for the panda exhibit to go see baby Bao Bao:

Bao Bao

Many, many moons ago during one of our childhood trips to the Zoo, Helen and I took a picture by the Aviary with an eagle sculpture. It’s one of our favorite photos and every time we go to the Zoo, I always think of it. Apparently, right after this was taken I decided I was too tired to walk anymore so my Dad had to carry me around the rest of the day. I was such a brat.

zoo throwback

Check out Mama Nguyen’s hair…. also, she must’ve been really nervous I was going to slide off of the eagle’s wing…

Of course, we wanted to recreate this photo:

National Zoo 2

And we decided to be nice and let little bro share the spotlight with us.

National Zoo

We closed our day of being DC tourists with a pot of mussels at St. Arnold’s in Dupont Circle. The perfect ending to a great day with family.

St. Arnolds Mussels

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