The Springy Chicken

This week is the week. My cocoon-like infinity scarves are neatly tucked away in storage, my obnoxious puffy winter jacket that resembles a sleeping bag more than a coat has been worn for (hopefully!) the last time, and my legs are finallly ready to see some daylight. The Springy Chicken has finally made it’s way to DC!

I’m not sure if I completely made this up or if my memory is just pulling from some random childhood book…but whenever Spring comes around, all I can think of is the Springy Chicken. You know, that magical bird that signifies the start to one of my favorite seasons. Kind of like the Easter Bunny but in poultry-form?  When I was in college I made some reference to the Springy Chicken and was met with furrowed brows and confused looks from my friends. What? Has no one else ever heard of this mythical creature? It just reminds me of bright colors and flowers and sunshine and rainbows and all things Spring. This throwback picture below? Total Springy Chicken Status.
 sprngy chicken
This outfit? Springy Chicken to the max.


Step into Spring

Step into Spring by lnguyen5 

I would like to buy all the things and wear this outfit every day for the next 5 months. Who else is ready for some spring weather? blog dots


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