Bar Hopping

Sisters are a good thing to have. They’re built-in best friends, someone you can steal borrow clothes from, and when you want to have a guilt-free, gluttonous day of eating and drinking, they’re the perfect partners in crime. A couple of weekends ago my sister and I decided to embark on a bar hop starting on 14th Street. We ate and drank our way through five restaurants, and let me tell you, it was realllllllly hard to limit ourselves to just 1-2 plates at each stop. Like, REALLY hard. Technically, our tour began with a muffaletta sandwich from Red Apron Butchery, which is right around the corner from my apartment. Red Apron is attached to a restaurant called The Partisan, which, incidentally is where our foodie crawl ended. Funny how things happen like that.

Red Apron:

Red Apron Butchery Red Apron Butchery 2

From there, we hit up tapas restaurant Barcelona, where we sampled patatas bravas and octopus and chorizo.

Barcelona  Barcelona 3

I was trying to get a snap of the impressive display of hams hanging in the background but instead I got Sister Helen.


The Pig was next in the lineup and we had one thing on our mind: bone marrow. I normally love bone marrow, but this version was suuuuper rich and after about 3 bites I made Helen eat the rest of it. Bonus points to this place for having a bourbon happy hour. As I was already feeling semi-hungover from the night before, downing 4 shots of straight bourbon is exactly what I had in mind…{sarcasm}

The Pig The Pig 2

At Lincoln we got fancy dranks (with lavendar and eggwhite froth) and some good old macaroni and cheese. I was a very happy camper.

Lincoln Lincoln 3

Right here, is where I would like to add that it was POURING rain the entire day. The walk from Lincoln to get sushi at Oya was the longest distance we had to trek and it was miserable at best, treacherous at worst. There is nothing more I despise than the feel of damp (in this case, sopping wet) jeans against my skin. I literally had to wring out my rain jacket. At this point, I was not a happy camper.


Finally, we rounded out the night at The Partisan, which I previously mentioned shares the same space as Red Apron Butchery. We ordered a sausage and split a Fernet Float, which is basically a boozy float with ginger beer. It came with cute little ginger snap cookies and was the perfect nightcap to a looooong day of eating and walking and eating and walking….and eating.

The Partisan 2 The Partisan 3

We’re already planning our next Sister Bar Hop….any neighborhood/restaurant recommendations??

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