A Summer Bucket List

Welp. I’m a little late to the party, but happy second week of summer! Despite the delayed acknowledgement, I’m so excited to celebrate the season of endless rooftop happy hours, warm(er) weather and brightly colored dresses. I’ve got high hopes and higher expectations for my first summer in DC (no, living in Northern Virginia for the past 24 years does not count). In honor of my inaugural summer as a Washingtonian, I’ve put together a list of things to accomplish before September 21st rolls around. I’ll be really proud of myself if I get to cross everything off of this lineup. Stay tuned!

1. Watch Fourth of July fireworks in DC

2. Eat/Drink/Brunch/Dance on at least 20 different rooftops and/or patios

3. Enjoy a movie on the National Mall a la Screen on the Green

4. Tour the Dolcezza Factory and eat gelato all.summer.long.

5. Spend a day at the Wharf/South West Waterfront

6. Eat at Rose’s Luxury

7. Go to a Philips After 5….preferably this one.

8. Have a crabfeast….because, obviously

9. Visit Mount Vernon

10. Finally make it to at least one Jazz in the Garden concert

11. Catch some Twilight Polo action

12. Alcoholic sno balls. Treat yo self.

13. Road trip to Annapolis. And eat more crabs…because, obviously

14. Trek out to the gardens of Franciscan Monastery

15. Try Ethiopian food for the first time

16. Go on a winery tour

17. Do more outdoorsy things. Kayaks/hiking/national parks. More views like this one, please:

Burke Lake


So….who’s game for some summer adventures?

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