About Me

My favorite color is neon.

My second favorite color is the rainbow. Both of those are well-reflected in my closet and wardrobe choices.

I will eat anything with sprinkles on it. And anything that lists “caramelized onions” as an ingredient….or onions, really.

I like to pretend that I’m crafty and adept at DIY projects, but there’s a reason I haven’t blogged about that subject yet…

If I had infinite funds, I would spend it all at World Market and Paper Source.

A perfect Sunday afternoon involves sitting on the couch watching the Redskins.

I can’t walk into a bookstore and not buy something new to read… on the subject of books, I like to read at least four of them at a time. Don’t believe me?

I love to eat…cooking? not so much, but we’re working on that 😉

This blog is a compilation of my adventures eating, drinking and being merry in DC. Now that you’ve found this page, feel free to stick around and check out my older posts. Might as well!

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Have a question or just want to say hi? E-mail me at  mightaswelldc [at] gmail [dot] com or leave a note below:


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